My Student Guide Releases their new look Website, App and Guide Maps

December 12, 2017

Their organisation aims to assist international students and includes practical information and tips while LIVING|STUDYING |WORKING in Australia

BRISBANE, AU – 12 December, 2017 – My Student Guide today announced their new set of on-line, digital and printing “tools” to assist international students in Australia.  Their new website and App (available both in IOS and Android world-wide) now covers 23 cities plus our new Guide Maps have been given a fantastic “make over” to customise it for each city as well as supply information to students who are off-shore and those who are already on-shore.

The website is really a “one-stop-shop” that covers information step-by-step to help students from the decision making process to before, during and after their studies. This will enable students to make informed choices so they can not only make the most of their experience in Australia, but also be aware of the services and facilities available for them.

The website and App now include 8 capital cities and 15 regional cities which make it a truly national guide.  “We have worked hard to include regional cities in Australia so they can have the chance to attract international students. All these cities have a unique set of benefits and advantages that need to be told to the students thinking in undertaking studies in Australia” said Sofía Gómez, Director of My Student Guide.

The App only covers the information that is available in our Pre-Departure and Orientation Guide Maps.  The App which can be downloaded free from both the Apple Store and Google Play is a tool that will travel with the student and that can be consulted any time when they need specific information.  The bulk of information is “imbedded” in the App which means that access to information is available even if it is not connected to an internet service or Wi-Fi once it is downloaded.  This resource will give peace of mind not only to us administrators and stakeholders but also education providers and even parents and homestay providers.  Information is a precious commodity nowadays.

“It has taken longer than originally anticipated; however, we are extremely pleased and proud with the final product.  We are now ready to let the world know about our information service.  Our initiative fulfills the ESOS Act and Student Experience legislation and initiatives in Australia.  It is suitable for students from 8 to 88!” added Ms. Gomez.

In future we hope to print our guide maps in 10 languages from the top 10 ELICOS countries in Australia.  “At present we only have published the Orientation and Pre-Departure Guide Map in English and Spanish for Brisbane with the wonderful collaboration of Study Brisbane.  In 2018, we hope to print the maps of each capital and regional cities. We will be seeking the support of the State and City Council Governments and key stakeholders.” commented Ms. Gómez.

My Student Guide, an independently funded initiative that provides international students facts, tips as well as Assistance and Student Services Directories to give a helping hand to the student before, during and after their studies in our country.

Sofía Gómez migrated to Australia 30 years ago.  She initially worked for 9 years in the hospitality industry until she changed pathways and now has more than 21 years of experience in International Education in Australia.  Sofia has held a variety of positions for both private and public institutions such Bond University, the Centre for English Centre at the University of Sydney and Australian Catholic University where she opened the International Office in the Brisbane campus back in 2002.  She also worked as an Education Agent helping Latin American students, however she realised that ALL international students (500,000+ in Australia in 2016) needed assistance and she therefore created My Student Guide.  “I love what I do.  I am really passionate about making the experience of international students in Australia a safe, fun and fulling experience. A firmly believe that a happy and successful student is a well-informed student.” said Ms Gomez.

If you would like further information My Student Guide, or you would like to schedule an interview, please contact:

Sofia Gomez, Director, My Student Guide
Phone:   +61 7 3158 2157
WhatsApp              +61 (0)431 747 258
Facebook:              My Student Guide Australia