Customs & Arrival

At your arrival in Australia you will have to fully completed the Immigration Card as well as the Customs Card and sign them.

If you bring the equivalent of AUD$10,000 or more, you will need to declare it avoid a fine, the same applies for food items. Consult this website: Entering Australia.

Check this link with the Incoming Passenger Card which you will have to fill out before entering Immigration.

Incoming Passenger Card (IPC)

Do pay attention to every detail you need to fill out and answer the questions accurately and to the best of your knowledge.  Providing false information can affect your visa status and perhaps entry to our country.

Once you exit Immigration, look for the Information Desk where you can make transport and temporary accommodation bookings if you did not make prior arrangements. Nowadays there is a “Student Welcome Desk” dedicated for international students so make sure to look for it or ask staff where it is located.

Domestic Connections

For those students who have a connecting flight, before you leave or immediately after you go out of Immigration, look for the counter where you can check–in for the next flight. It is then important to plan that between your arrival flight and the connecting flight you must allow at least four hours to avoid unnecessary stress missing your flight having into account that in many instances you will need to transfer from the international terminal to the domestic terminal. This task alone can take up to three hours!

Money Exchange

If you need Australian cash, just visit the “Exchange Bureau” and change the absolute necessary only. You can also withdraw cash from the ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) from your bank card.

Most bank cards including credit cards are accepted in Australia where you can pay for purchases, reservations, etc.