Pre-departure Check List

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Print the VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) issued from the Department of Home Affairs

Arline tickets

Vaccination certificates (if required)

If you bring prescribed medication, do bring the doctor’s certificate

Enrolment documents such as your Letter of Offer, Letter of Acceptance, Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)

Bank card and credit cards

Cash in case that you lose your cards

Overseas Student Health Care (OSHC) insurance certificate and travel insurance

Study certificates, work certificates and recommendations duly translated and certified by a notary

If you are going to Homestay or temporary accommodation, make sure to bring in hand the contact details including names, address , electronic mail and telephone) as you will need to fill out those details in the migration card upon arrival.

Note: Students under 18 years old need to bring the guardian arrangement documents (CAAW – Welfare and Accommodation Letter)

Write down the emergency number of your institution

Write down in a secure place your contact details of your country of origin (parents, brothers/sisters, husband/wife, etc) in case of loss of your handbag and luggage as well as your computer and tablet.