What should I pack?

When packing your suitcase, have this into account:

  • How much is the maximum weight in each suitcase and how much luggage is allowed in your airline ticket.
  • Which season of the year will you be arriving. Consult our CITY INFO under “Climate”.
  • Visit this website www.aqis.gov.au to avoid taking food or animal or vegetable objects or ornaments which are not allowed in Australia.
  • Make sure that you bring your toiletries and a change of clothing
  • If you take electronic equipment, you will have to buy a special adaptor to plug them your computer, etc . Make sure that your equipment is multi voltage. In Australia it is 240V.

What should you take with you:

  • Winter and Summer clothes including shoes and accessories
  • A linen set and towels
  • Miniature toiletries, jewels, glasses, prescribed medications (you will need a doctor’s prescription), and first aid and sewing kits.
  • Laptop, tablet, mobile phone and camera
  • If you are thinking in driving in Australia, you will need a translation of your driver’s license
  • Passport, electronic visa (VEVO), study and work certificates as well as study and work recommendations

What NOT to take:

  • Plants, seeds or milk products
  • Animal or plan origin objects or ornaments (furs, leather, wood, etc)
  • Sharp objects, batteries, sprays or cigarette lighters