After your studies

Congratulations!  You are about to finish your studies in Australia, make sure that before you depart you are ready.

  1. If you finished a degree (vocational, bachelor or postgraduate program) in Australia, it is important that before you depart you have this document apostilled to confirm its authenticity.  Visit this link for more information:
  2. Arrange your air travel well in advance to avoid peak times such Christmas holidays, etc
  3. Check your baggage allowance (when you go to the airport, take someone with you just in case you need to leave things behind)
  4. Get your Resume ready to start applying or jobs in your home country
  5. If you are thinking in staying in Australia, make sure you find out what visa suits you best
  6. Join the alumni association of your college or university. It will be well worth it to keep in touch with your classmates and the University
  7. Visit this website for your opportunities in Australia
  8. Join or register the pertinent association to be able to work in your area of expertise