Congratulations!  You are approaching your graduation.  These are some handy tips for future graduands:

Make sure that in your last semester you have completed:

  1. All your subjects in particular your minor and major courses which will be described in your testamur (diploma i.e.  Bachelor of Business with a major in Marketing)
  2. You have completed all other requirements such as volunteer or work experience, clinical or hospitality placement, etc
  3. Although universities might require that you present another English test to graduate, it will be a good idea that you present a test so that you know if you fulfil all the requirements to register with the appropriate council or association after graduation.
  4. Do check the spelling of your name and lastname(s) are correct. This will avoid a lot of headaches in the future!
  5. Try to find out when the graduation ceremony will take place so that you can stay back in the country and also invite your family/friends
  6. You will receive a letter/e-mail from your Graduation. Make sure you read and take action to all the requirements