Student Visa 500

Graduate Certificate
Graduate Diploma
Master’s Degree
Doctoral Degree Research Thesis (PhD)

Commencement Dates

Usually starts in February and/or July.  Some institutions have three semesters per year.
Check dates with your institution.
Doctoral students in general can start at an agreed date with education provider.


Graduate Certificate       6 months (1 semester)
Graduate Diploma           12 months (2 semesters)
Master’s Degree              18-24 months (3 to 4 semesters)
Doctoral Degree               Average of 2-3 years – check with your institution

Best Dates for Application Deadlines

Must allow at least 1-2 months for course application process
Must allow at least 3 months for visa application process


Academic            Undergraduate degree (doctoral students will need a postgraduate qualification)
English                  Check with education provider
Other                    Students may need work experience and other requirements. Check with education provider.

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