Nobel prize laureats

Australia, being one of the youngest nations in the world and with a population of only 22 million, has had fourteen Nobel Prize winners. Of the 14 prizes, one is for literature and the remaining are for science or medicine.

1915 William Henry Bragg and his son William Lawrence Bragg Physics
1945 Howard Florey Physiology or Medicine
1947 Robert Robinson Chemistry
1960 Frank Macfarlene Burnet Medicine
1963 John Carew Eccles Medicine
1964 Aleksandr Mikhailovich Prokhorov Physics
1970 Bernard Katz Physiology or Medicine
1973 Patrick White Literature
1975 John Warcup Cornforth Chemistry
1996 Peter Charles Doherty Physiology or Medicine
2005 Barry J Marshall and J Robin Warren Medicine
2009 Elizabeth H Blackburn Physiology or Medicine
2011 Brian P. Schmidt Physics
2017 International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons Peace