Useful tips before enrolling

There is a wide variety of education providers in Brisbane. Each institution is continuously monitored and assessed by the relevant Federeal/State government or professional body to ensure the high quality of the courses, teaching staff and the facilities.


  • Make sure that the institution and the course are CRICOS registered for international students.
  • Find out the course requirements and application deadlines.
  • Commencements dates, orientation as well as duration of the program.
  • Cost of the program (what are the total fees of the course and also find out how much is per semester/per course).
  • Check the location of the institution (some universities / colleges have more than one campus) and the facilities such as transport, library, sports, clubs and student associations, etc.


  • Ask for the students support services (academic, counselling, students welfare and disabilities).
  • Does the course allow you to undertake work experience or an internship program?
  • Some undergraduate courses give the students the chance to take advantage of exchange or study abroad programmes at other universities overseas. Find out if the structure of the program will allow you to do so.
  • Find out the outcome of the course. For example, when you graduate, will you be able to gain registration to the relevant vocational or professional association in Australia?


  • Each institution is unique and some universities/colleges are more specialised than others in certain areas or courses, find out if the course that you would like to enrol in will fullfil your expectations.
  • If you have undertaken previous studies back home or a pathway program, find out if you are able to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). This will save you time and money.
  • Budgeting is important. Make sure that you are able to afford the cost of the course, text books, uniforms/materials as well as your living expenses, student visa, loan repayment, etc.